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Homerider - Balance Boards by JUCKER HAWAII

In balance since 2008.


Balance training with Balance Boards is becoming more and more popular. Whether at home or in the office,
it's fun for everyone. And by the way, you also train your sense of balance, reflexes and all core muscle areas.

The JUCKER HAWAII Homerider stands for many years of experience in the Balanceboard sector and has become a classic in the scene. Enthusiastic boarders and balance athletes have meanwhile invented a whole arsenal of tricks on the homerider, because nothing is more important in board sport than to have a good balance. Train anytime and regardless of weather conditions for surfing, skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding and SUP.

Balance boards are not only popular in board sports. In physiotherapy, balance exercises in proprioceptive training also promote and permanently strengthen body awareness, condition and deep muscles.

Our homerider balance boards are made exclusively from high-quality natural materials, which not only provides the necessary stability but also looks stylish and becomes a real eye-catcher in every home.

Whether it's a workout at home, for crossfit training, you never have to give up boarding at any time. A relaxing break at work or just for fun - the homerider is more than just a balancetrainer. The Homerider is fun sport, fitness and playful training for everyday life and the whole family.

* Note on using the Homerider: Please do not use the Balance Board on smooth ground. Put a mat or carpet underneath to have a firm footing.

Balance Board Newcomer tip - find balance




It's best to place the roll on a carpet, iso or yoga mat. It can be too slippery on wooden or stone floors. Now put the Balance Board on the roll and position yourself behind the board as you want to stand on it afterwards.


1) Place the first foot on the tail. (rear end of the board)


2) Now place your second foot on the nose (front end of the board).


3) Now you can start to shift your weight to the side by pressing the front foot and letting the body come after you.


As soon as the board is free on its roll, you will feel the balance act. Depending on the weight shift, the position of the board on the tube will also change.


Make sure that your body's centre of gravity is always exactly above the roll.


Balance Boards by JUCKER HAWAII - Find your Balance!