VEIA JJF Pro Leash 5' 7MM Night

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VEIA JJF Pro Leash 5' 7MM Night


- Duralite Neoprene lined cuff for ultra light weight and durability

- Dual swivel connection

- Ultralite micro velcro

- Low profile rail saver for reduced drag and light weight


Cord Length - 5'

Cord Thickness - 7mm

Cuff Width - 50mm

Railsaver Width - 25mm

Developed with John John Florence, the JJF Pro Leash is tested and proven to last in all conditions. Designed with comfort & longevity in mind, the Pro Leash features a low profile neoprene lined cuff that is so soft you won't notice it is there. The shorter and lower profile railsaver reduces drag and keeps the overall weight down and micro velcro on the cuff provides maximum hold.  

More isn't better..better is better.

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