GA-Sails Windsurf Boom 140-190 Hybrid Line Carbon Tail End

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GA-Sails Windsurf Boom 140-190 Hybrid Line Carbon Tail End

  • Versatile hybrid boom
  • Tail of the boom made of carbon - less weight, more stiffness
  • C-Shape - more ergonomic shape
  • Stiff and light construction
  • Lengths: 140-190

Hybrid Alu + carbon tail end

Gaastra Hybrid combines the best features of Carbon and Aluminum booms. It offers high-end performance and affordability to match it with. The booms T8 alloy construction, which maximizes durability, has been upgraded with a carbon fiber tail that reduces the overall weight and guarantees an optimized stiffness. The latest version comes equipped with a double push-pin length adjustment system which ensures a stiff and solid connection between the boom and the extendable parts. The boom comes in 4 different lengths, each of them is uniquely bent to guarantee maximum performance and fit the individual rider’s needs. The boom’s grip is equipped with an anti-slip EVA foam which ensures a solid grasp on the boom which, combined with an optimized diameter, creates a feeling of comfortability and ease. The Gaastra Hybrid is a one of a kind boom that captures the most attractive characteristics of both carbon booms and its aluminum equivalents, making it a perfect combination of strength, performance at an unbeatable price.


  • Carbon Tail – By utilizing carbon fiber in the tail, the boom is much lighter while also maintaining an optimal level of stiffness that has a direct impact on the profile of the sail.
  • High quality aluminum alloy – Gaastra use the finest materials to produce their booms in order to boost the durability and create an ideal product. The Hybrid Line’s body is made out of an aluminum alloy which boots the construction’s durability while also making it more affordable.
  • Double push-pin operating system – The double pin used in the length adjustment system constitutes to the overall stiffness of the boom while also making it very durable. The push pin serves as a connection between the boom and its extendable and thanks to its effectiveness, it improves the performance of the entire set.
  • Loop-Loop-Go System – The Loop’n’Go feature facilitates sail trimming by allowing the user to simply tie a loop to secure the rope on the boom.
  • C-Shape – To provide the user with ergonomic advantages, the boom features a C-Shape design which allows the riders lead arm to take a more natural wrist position. C-Shape booms are more comfortable while gybing or performing other maneuvers.
  • EVA foam – The antislip EVA foam allows the rider to hold the boom comfortably and ensures a solid grip even in the harshest conditions.
  • Optimized boom head – A high quality boom head featuring an inside rubber pad, which maximizes durability and absorbs vibrations in order to protect the mast.
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