Firewire Slater 5'10" Great White Twin

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Firewire Slater 5'10" Great White Twin

5'10" x 19.9375" x 2.625"  32 Liter
Fin System: Futures

Geïnspireerd door de omtrek van de Great White Shark ontwierp Kelly Slater samen met de op Bali gevestigde shaper Mike Woo de ‘Great White Twin’ in I-Bolic-technologie met Volcanic Lamination.

This is a high performance groveler with the paddle and catching of a hybrid, and the on-rail performance of a shortboard. It fits where most fish don’t - it creates speed in weak waves, controls speed in powerful waves, and excels at tight arcs in punchy pockets and quick wraps on shoulder sections. It's volume is hidden at center with fine rails for immediate response and quick reaction in the pocket. It has the speed of a twin fin with the immediate response of a thruster, and it's elevated tail rocker makes it magic on your backhand.

Recommended to surf at your performance volume, or just slightly more.


During a trip to Bali in 2020 Kelly Slater’s longtime friend Rizal Tandjung introduced him to Mike Woo, a Bali based surfboard designer with Hawaiian roots.

With years of experience designing surfboards for Balinese waves, Kelly shared an idea he’d been carrying for years - design a surfboard inspired by The Great White Shark.

Kelly and Mike opened a folder of photos Kelly had been collecting for years and they traced outlines of the sharks as seen from top and bottom, tracing surfboard shape outlines within the shark’s bodies.

After several iterations on the computer, they decided to cut he first shape. Kelly surfed it immediately, and called it perfect from the first go. It was perfect from the first go, and ready for manufacturing in I-Bolic Technology with Volcanic Lamination.

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