Slater Design

Slater's influence on every aspect of surfing culture is undeniable. Now the most successful name in world surfing is making his mark in shaping with Slater Designs. Plunging into life beyond the tour and collaborating with some of the best shapers in the world such as Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thompson, Greg Webber and Dan Mann, Slater’s just trying to make a bunch of boards that surfers can enjoy. Teaming up with Firewire tech, Slater Designs' introduction on the scene has boasted excellence in quality and durability with minimalist styles for pinnacle performance. These boards show how exceptionally aware Slater is of ocean conditions and the best boards to ride them.

There’s not much left to say about Kelly Slater that the world doesn’t already know. The 11x world champ is sharing his secrets, creating boards to level up to his talents and showing us there’s still a whole world out there for shaping. If you’re looking for a performance shortboard you can’t go past Slater Designs.

Despite the official 2017 launch of Slater Designs, Kelly has been closely involved with board shaping and innovation since very early in his career. Inseparable from his surfing has been his thinking; About what can be done on a wave, about shape and design, fin composition and tying this in with competition. His Inspiration spans from what he loves best and lightbulb moments out in the water.

Slater designs debut of the Sci-Fi and Omni collaborated with Daniel Thompson and the Banana with Greg Webber showed a first look into where Slater was taking his boards. Favouring Firewire Linear Flex Technology (LFT) Slater Designs now holds a range for every kind of condition. Most recently the extremely popular Cymatic, a blend of the best of everything the Sci-Fi and Omni previously had to offer.

Anything in surfing to do with Slater is bound to be a breakthrough, not to mention the performance exhibited by Slater on these boards has been marketing that money can’t buy.