Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboards is een naam die synoniem staat voor hoogwaardige surfplanken en is geliefd bij enkele van 's werelds beste surfers. Gevestigd in Hawaii, het epicentrum van de surfcultuur, staat Pyzel bekend om zijn vakmanschap en toewijding aan het produceren van surfplanken van topkwaliteit die presteren in een breed scala aan omstandigheden.

Als shaper van Hawaii geniet Pyzel van een rijke surftraditie en erfgoed, wat zich vertaalt in elk aspect van hun ontwerpen. Met een diepgaand begrip van de lokale golven en de behoeften van surfers, weet Pyzel hoe ze planken moeten maken die de verwachtingen overtreffen en surfers in staat stellen hun grenzen te verleggen.

Van high-performance shortboards tot veelzijdige all-rounders, Pyzel Surfboards biedt een uitgebreid assortiment aan modellen die geschikt zijn voor zowel professionele surfers als enthousiaste amateurs. Met Pyzel kunnen surfers vertrouwen op de ervaring en expertise van een shaper die zich toelegt op het leveren van de beste surfervaring mogelijk.


Pyzel Surfboards began in a backyard shaping room on the North Shore around 1995 or so, and has evolved to become one of the leading surfboard companies in the world today.  

Pyzel Surfboards began in a backyard shaping room on the North Shore around 1995 or so, and has evolved to become one of the leading surfboard companies in the world today.  

Jon Pyzel grew up in Santa Barbara, California, started surfing in junior high and quickly found himself deep into it. Matt Moore started shaping his boards and put him on his team. Matt always helped explain the ideas and principles of surfboard design and let Jon watch him shape all his boards.

    After traveling for surf, Jon realized he wanted better waves, warmer water, making a permanent move to Oahu's North Shore in 1992. There he found work fixing dings at Country Surfboards, and Jon quickly learned the ins and outs of the craft, working as a hot coater and laminator. He soon connected with master shaper Jeff Bushman, who gave him guidance, input, and encouragement. Eventually, Jeff gave Jon a job as his back-shaper and that was the beginning of his shaping career.

    A defining moment came a few years later, in 1998. Alex Florence approached Jon about making a board for her oldest son John John, who was 5 at the time. From there forward, Jon and John John worked together to redefine what was possible for Grom surfng. Fast forward almost 20 years and John John Florence is the 2016 World Champ, widely considered the best surfer alive, all while riding Pyzel surfboards.

     When we think about our company today, we consider JJF as one of the cornerstones to our success, not just for his amazing surfng ability and priceless feedback, but also for his loyalty, his humble attitude, his gratitude, and his positive outlook on life.

     We didin't start this all to become a giant company, putting out as many "units" as we could, we started it because we love surfing and everything that goes with that - travel to new lands, great friendships, adventure. But most of all we started this because we love surfboards!

          Today Pyzel Surfboards has grown to be an international business, but is still run by the family. Jon and his wife Dali live on the beach in Hawaii with their 2 daughters, and help run the Pyzel Surfboards factories on the North Shore and in Oceanside, CA. We take great pride in every board we build, and have do our very best to make sure that our customers are getting exactly the right board for what they want to do. We have trusted licensees building our boards on every continent, and Jon shapes in Australia, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, South America and California.  

    Over the years, Pyzel boards have been ridden by many of the world's best surfers