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The House of Marley is gebouwd op de principes van superieure kwaliteit,
milieuvriendelijkheid en het streven naar wereldwijde goede doelen.


The purchase of a House of Marley product helps plant one tree.
A percentage of our sales go towards supporting reforestry through


House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials.
Crafted from one of the world’s fastest growing plants, CNC-milled bamboo provides our designs with a modern look that’s rooted in a highly renewable and easy to maintain natural resource. Produced using a carbon positive process, bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood and a tensile strength that rivals steel.
Our REWIND™ fabric is weaved from recycled materials to create a durable, high quality product. It is constructed from a distinctive blend of 30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp and 40% recycled PET. You’ll find REWIND™ fabric throughout our line, including everything from wraps on headphone and case housings, to stash bags and watch bands.
Utilizing recyclable aluminum, an efficiently reusable metal, significantly reduces the amount of the material entering waste stream. The aluminum recycling process has existed on a major scale—within communities and on an industrial-scale—for over 50 years, saving energy and massively reducing global mining. Recyclable aluminum can be found in our turntable platters, headphone housings and ear cups.
Our REGRIND™ Silicone is a specially created material made by reclaiming and upcycling post-process and post-consumer waste. Protective covers, headband pads, ear cushions and watch brands—all of which are critical to our user’s comfort—are all partially constructed from REGRIND™ Silicone.
Recycled paper is composed out of material recovered from the waste stream. Using it reduces the overall demand for harvested wood and the amount of paper that reaches landfills. In our mission to support sustainability, we use recycled paper for our product packaging.
Constructed by combining wood derivatives and plastic fibers, wood composite results in a more durable product. The compositing process demands far less energy than the lumbering industry. Wood composite is prominently featured as a durable and attractive design component in our speaker casings.