Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger Maxi

Artikelnummer: Surflogic 59091
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Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger Maxi

Wetsuit hanger Maxi features

  • One hanger for everything: wetsuit, gloves, boots and hood
  • Easy to hang
  • Fast drying
  • Reduces overall fabric stress
  • Prolongs wetsuit life
  • Robust and lightweight

Clip system

  • Removable hook
  • 360º rotation

Size: 455 x 40x 540 mm / 17.91” x 1.57” x 21.25”

Recommended for: Surfing, SUP, Windsurf, Kitesurfing, Skubadiving, Kayak, Canyoning, Wakeboarding and any other outdoor sports.


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