Shapers Soli Bailey Spectrum Large Thruster Futures

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Shapers Soli Bailey Spectrum Large Thruster Futures

Fin Description

Soli Bailey, a former Volcom Pipe Pro winner and an active WSL competitor, surf's with speed and power and is a legitimate charger! Soli's fins are positioned in the Carve Fin Class, a progressive design that loves to be surfed hard and fast. Soli’s fins feature a unique bevelled leading edge for smooth, controlled surfing that will easily adapt to a vast range of modern surfboard designs.

Available in two constructions, SPECTRUM 4 Phase Flex Pattern as an all rounder option, and in a hand foiled PROGLASS construction for those wanting to take their surfing to the next level.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Large: 75-95kgs

Base: 115mm | 4.52"
Depth: 119mm | 4.68"
Sweep: 36°
Foil: Flat
Area: 10,180.62mm² | 15.78"²

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