Shapers Matt Bantinng Stealth Large Thruster Futures

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Shapers Matt Bantinng Stealth Large Thruster Futures

Fin Description

Designed in collaboration with one of the worlds best surfers. Banting's Fins deliver speed, drive, power and control and are of the Carve Fin Class. Drawing Similarities to the likes of the Shapers AM Series, however offering more hold - these fins thrive on performance rail surfing and are well suited to boards with mid to extreme rocker.

Matt loves the Carbon Stealth for its dynamic, responsive flex pattern, an ultra-light, highly technical construction that loads up on energy (elastic potential energy) and then springs back to its neutral state, delivering acceleration, drive and overall speed (kinetic energy). Matt Bantings fins will perform particularly well on fast, flowing waves such as at point breaks.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Large: 75-95kgs

Side Base: 118mm | 4.64"
Side Depth: 120mm | 4.72"
Side Sweep: 36.3°
Side Foil: Flat
Area: 10,316.11mm² | 15.99"²

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