Shapers Hybride Keel Pro Glass Quad Fins Futures

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Shapers Hybride Keel Pro Glass Quad Fins Futures

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Fin Description

The Hybrid Quad Keel is an ideal setup for your step down hybrid style surfboard. Perfect for small to medium wave conditions, the HQK makes surfing lively and fun with its quick release and pivot through turns, and its ability to create great down the line speed.
These quad fins features an upright style template which helps to create tighter turning arcs in the pocket and quick transition through turns. A great all round quad setup for  all conditions.

Compatible with Futures

Fin Colour


Fin Specifications


Base: 120mm | 4.72"
Depth: 124mm | 4.88"


Base: 92mm | 3.62"
Depth: 80mm | 3.15"

Pro Glass Construction

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