Shapers Small C.A.D. Quad Airlite Futures

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Shapers Small C.A.D. Quad Airlite Futures

Fin Description

Control. Acceleration. Drive. Welcome to C.A.D, the All Rounder! A balanced / neutral template that offers a controlled feel that accommodates an exceptionally wide range of surfboards and surf conditions.

Designed in Shapers® premium ultra-lite AIR-LITE construction featuring a medium flex pattern that will respond to all levels of surfing. C.A.D is an essential for any fin quiver.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Small: 45-65kgs

Side Base: 110mm | 4.30"
Side Depth: 112mm | 4.40"
Side Sweep: 34°
Side Foil: Flat
Area: 9,154.82mm² | 14.19"²

Quad Rear Base: 94mm | 3.70"
Quad Rear Depth: 94mm | 3.70"
Quad Rear Sweep: 34°
Quad Rear Foil: 80/20
Area: 6,922.57mm² | 10.73"² 

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