Lost 6'2" Blacksheep 3.0 Stub Carbon

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Lost 6'2" Blacksheep 3.0 Stub Carbon

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6’2" x 19.88" x 2.55"  33Liter

A stepped-down and “stubbed”, low end/high performance, smaller wave-ripping machine.

…Lost Surfboards Description

All new, every day, step-down, performance player, developed with Kolohe Andino. The 3.0_STUB is a direct derivative of the long time developed, but recently released, DRIVER3.0.

A board designed with elite level surfers, looking for the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Primarily tested in and around the waves of the World Tour (not necessarily the typical 1′-3’ soft slop that most of us suffer through, daily) the DRIVER3.0 still left room at the lower end for higher performance in lesser waves.

Enter the 3.0STUB. A stepped-down and “stubbed”, low end/high performance, smaller wave-ripping machine.

Unlike the Sub-Driver (our other step-down performance boards), the 3.0_STUB does not use any vee in the tail. Instead it features a continuous rocker/concave combination. This is the primary difference between the two. While noticeably relaxed from DRIVER 3.0 rocker, it is still loose and lively, quick and easy to release, under the rear foot. Fitting more effortlessly into small pockets or quick dumpy sections than the SubDriver. Perfect for small beach break.

The similarities in rocker, bottom contours and outline, maintain a closer feel, when switching between the DRIVER3.0 and 3.0STUB. That was the goal and that is the result.

FEATURES: …When compared to the DRIVER3.0
  • Relaxed entry rocker, with a slightly wider nose area.
  • Relaxed tail rocker, with a slight hip and wider tail block (but not as wide as the SubDrivers.)
  • More width overall, with thickness carried further into the nose and under the rear foot.
  • Deeper single and double concave combination, for more lift, with plenty or rail curve, in lesser surf.
  • Slightly flatter deck, with soft , forgiving rails.

Working with Kolohe, who after riding DRIVER3.0 in proper surf, wanted to feel like he was riding the same board, out at T-Street, or small Trestles. Riding SubDrivers “felt almost stiff”. He wanted board that required no adjustment to technique and coupld swap seamlessly back and forth with the DRIVER3.0.

“Why not just make a step-down board off of that?”

Which is exactly what we did. We got them under the feet of our WQS crew: Crosby Cola, Cole Houshmand, Eli Hanniman and Michael Dunphy, who immediately responded with positive feedback and now carry in their small wave, Challenger series, arsenal.

If you’re passionate about performance surfing, riding performance surfboards…and tend to do so in average to sub-par surf, then the 3.0STUB is for you. Designed to be ridden just 1” shorter than a DRIVER3.0 and our stock dims reflect that. Ex: If you ride a 6’0″ DRIVER3.0, the 5’11″ 3.0STUB, should slide in perfectly.

Together they make for a perfectly paired duo of modern, high performance vehicles.

BlackSheepBuilt boards begin with lightweight, 1.5lb virgin EPS and utilize the most advanced “Triax-NCF” (Non-Crimp Fabric) high-quality carbon fibre, to create a fast, responsive and lively surfboard. A board that is both lightweight and flexible, but also surprisingly strong.

  • “Triax” Carbon is laminated only on the deck, with a short bottom lap and sandwiched with multiple layers of 4oz, “D-size” fibreglass, top and bottom, for both durability and performance.
  • Engineered for rapid reaction and maintain a forgiving flex and dampened overall feel, under your foot.
  • The combination of both Triax Carbon and fibreglass helps BlackSheepBuilt boards feel lively and exciting, but familiar at the same time.

The unique performance of BlackSheepBuilt boards comes from the Triax Carbon, which combines a triple-axis +30/-30°/0 layup. It is an “un-crimped”, multi-directional carbon, which enhances and controls torsional force from rail to rail.

  • The 0° nose to tail fibres, provide a lively “stringer”, increasing flex rebound speed and the feeling of a quick response when loaded up under pressure.
  • The +30/-30° fibres control and speed up the return of torsional twisting through the length of the board.

Multi-axial carbon fibre is a great alternative to traditional woven carbon fibres because it is made up of alternately aligned layers of unidirectional carbon reinforcement.

  • Because it’s not woven, the fibres do not “crimp” under and over perpendicular fibres, in the way that traditional woven fabrics do. The fibres lay flatter, retain less resin, and remain smoother, straighter and stronger, with more natural flex. Unlike traditional woven fabrics, there is also no 90 (degree) rail to rail carbon, which creates weak points and easy fissures for deck buckles, cracks and breaks.
  • The +30/-30° fabric orientation, the torsion force and pressure from the surfer’s feet radiate outward to more of the rail line, creating greater drive, connection and thus control, with the edges and perimeter of the board. Strength and stability underfoot and along the rail line, work together as one.

WARNING: Carbon Fibre surfboards can easily get Hot! They’re dark…and like all things dark, they soak the sun and heat up. The BlackSheepBuilt boards are made with lightweight EPS foam and a Carbon Fibre shell. 

BlackSheepBuilt boards are a high-end surfboard construction. Treat them that way. Do not leave them in your car when shopping. Do not leave them in direct sunlight, while bronzing on the beach. They will get hot and they can overheat and bubble up. Protect and take proper care of your investment. We recommend keeping these boards safe in a heat-reflective day bag. Take the bag all the way to the beach, if you plan to hang out in the sun, before or after surfing. If the boards do get dinged, let them dry out and fix them properly. With proper care and a little love, these boards will take the day-to-day bumps and bruises very well, remain light and extremely lively on the waves and provide hundreds of days of surfing enjoyment.

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