HYDROPONIC 30,875’’ SURF USA Cruiser

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HYDROPONIC 30,875’’ SURF USA Cruiser

The Old School Skate Cruiser features a shape inspired by surfboards, with a pointed nose and a good concave. The Hydroponic PALMS White allows you to mount your skate as if you were really surfing your board in the sea. You will need to place your weight on the rear axle, so you can feel the''Keel Effect'' and gain stability while maintaining the sensations of turning 360 thanks to the rotating front axle. Once you strike the perfect balance, your skate will instantly turn into a surfboard!

Great setup for tight turns thanks to a short wheelbase, making avoiding obstacles on the street easy and fun.

The short, square tail allows you to ollie, skate transitions and throw floor tricks or just walk up the sidewalks. A very versatile board that will skate wherever you go.

Technical specs:

- Measures: 30.875 x 9 inches.

- WB: 16,5-17,5 inch Variable Wheelbase.

- Axes: 160mm Axes.

- Bushings: 85A Barrel Cone / EXTRA SET 82A Barrel Cone.

- Bearings: Hydroponic ABEC 7.

- Wheels: 65 x 51mm, 80A.

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