Futures Twin Tri Fin Set Mayhem Evil Honeycomb

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Futures Twin Tri Fin Set Mayhem Evil Honeycomb


The Evil Twin is a new twin fin + trailer combo developed not just for the Evil Twin board model, but for any boards that revel on twin fin flare. The template is a literal replica of our original twin fins designed for our original RNF close to 25 years ago. A friend in Florida recently dug up an actual mid 90's pair of these hand foiled 2 tabs twins and sent them to me, claiming these large surface area fins relevance today. We immediately prototyped with Futures and loved them. An upright fin, with a swept back tip, and plenty of area. They provide drive and precise pivot. We paired them with a smaller then average trailer, which helps draw out turns and lends some stability and projection, yet retains a free feeling, twin fin feel. I recently used a prototype set on my setups, solid backside, overhead Indo surf, where I never thought a twin fin would perform so well, I would actually forget I was using them.

Side Fins Center Fin
Area 19.79 7.90
Height 5.14 3.26
Base 4.80 3.18

Content: 3 Finnen

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