Futures Thruster Fin Set Rob Machado Pivot Blkstx 7.0

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The Machado Pivot, designed by style guru Rob Machado, is a large sized thruster in the Pivot template category. This set is designed around the idea of a thruster incorporating the drive and response of a twin keel. The combination of the extended base and reduced rake of the template pair perfectly with Futures' V2 foil to create a very lively feel, ideal for high performance in the pocket surfing. This fin was design in conjunction with the Machado Glazer model.

Template Category: Pivot (Tight-turns | Loose)
Construction: Blackstix
Ride Number: Speed Generating - 7.0
Size: Large (but do due to the Pivot/Keel template, suitable for any size)

Side Fins Center Fin
Area 15.23 14.24
Height 4.57 4.41
Base 4.45 4.31
Foil V2 SYMM

Content: 3 Fins
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