Futures Medium DHD RTM Hex Black & White

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Futures Medium DHD RTM Hex Black & White

Thruster Medium (125-175 lbs) (55-80 kgs) Balanced (7-4) All Around. Rake

The DHD Medium, is a honeycomb template with a Balanced Ride Number. The DHD fin falls in to the template category, Rake, for its swept back shape giving the surfer more hold and drive in turns.

“The DHD Future fin is a template designed to work well in all conditions. Having worked with our elite team riders on this fin template for a number of years we are stoked to release a fin with Futures that will compliment our boards and improve your performance in the surf.”
-Darren Handley

  Side Fins Centre Fin
Area 14.37 14.37
Height 4.45 4.45
Base 4.32 4.32
Foil Bevel 50/50
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