Duotone Neo Air Freshener Sunset Beach

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Duotone Neo Air Freshener Sunset Beach

Everyone is looking for something to stand out, to identify with something or just some gadget related to their passion. For these reasons, Fresh Kitesurfing scented pendants were created in 2015.

No.1 Gift for Kitesurfer

Kite Air Fresheners Key Features:

  • High quality printing with many kite details.
  • Long lasting aroma - two different fragrances.
  • Many designs of most popular kites in collection.
  • Made of renewable paper.
  • Perfect for small gifts.
  • Costs less than cup of coffe

Scented pendants are a gadget that will give your interior a pleasant scent. We know very well that the fragrance will evaporate after a while and you will be carrying our pendants on your mirror for many months. We took care of the aesthetic appearance and graphic details of the pendant which will make you satisfied with your purchase all the time.
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