Dakine Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction Pad Shadow

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Dakine Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction Pad Shadow


A timeless traction pad fit for a legend.

Timeless traction that never goes out of style, the Andy Irons Pro Traction Pad is the same three-piece design surfed by one of our sport's all-time greats, from Hossegor to Pipe. Never offered in a color Andy didn't surf during his career, his signature model is now offered in camo. A mellow 5mm center arch and 20mm ramp tail kick lend a classic feel, and as part of Dakine's Andy Irons Signature Collection, proceeds from its sale benefit an annual fund in support of Andy's son's trust. Like all Dakine traction, it's made of biodegradable Friendly Foam, sold in plastic-free packaging, and uses marine-grade 3M® adhesive.

12" x 12.25" [ 30 x 31cm ]

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