RS Pro

It's a new decade, and we have a new mission, the #waxlesssurfboard


We are killing our seas, our oceans. The place where we feel better, the place where we forget all of our problems, the place where your crazy ex can’t reach you.

It's true. James and Lyam the dudes on our video, are not going to save the planet, or plant ten million trees, surely neither you and I will. But together we can make small differences.

Howard Zinn, an American historian once said, "If people could see that change occurs as a result of small actions that seem totally insignificant, then they would not hesitate to make these small acts.”

From RSPro we have taken this philosophy as a lifestyle and not only have we eliminated 100% of the plastic in our packaging but we also created a fully biodegradable line of products, which I challenge you to say they don't look amazing on your board while not ruining the sea with plastics and chemicals like wax does.

We are aware that we have a long struggle ahead to convince the purists of “board sports” to take this step "without wax and without contaminating". But at least they can’t say that we didn’t try...

God Save the #waxlesssurfboard