Surfers across the world use balance boards for balance training. Balance boards are also a fantastic indoor trainer to maintain balance and fitness levels on days when you are not on the water.


If you ski or snowboard, balance boards are perfect for your balance and core strengthening training. Many professional snowboarders and skiers use balance boards both in winter and in summer season.


Epic balance boards are perfect for rainy days or as indoor balance trainers. They help you not only develop balance. You can also practice tricks and have a lot of fun even if you stay at home.

Fitness and Gym

Epic balance boards are great for fitness training and yoga. They are used in gyms for various types of trainings starting from crossfit, through endurance trainings to yoga.


Professional cycling teams understand the need for core and endurance training. Epic balance boards offer a variety of exercises which can be incorporated into a training routine of cyclists and mountain bikers.

Health & Fun!

Epic balance boards offer a lot of healthy fun exercises. You and your kids can have great fun which also translates to health benefits. A short session with a balance board can be a great break in a day.