Following Ones Passion

A Story about Chris Christenson

Whether its glassy 3- 5 ft waves at the local break or 2 ft of fresh powder on the mountain, Chris is easily at home on both. These days it's common to see the cross over in surf and snow and rightfully so, the feeling of gliding and endless waves is euphoric. No matter if its frozen or liquid.

Chris has taken his love for surfing and snowboarding and dedicated his life around it. A world class surfer in his own right, shaping some of the raddest most diverse boards out there for his label Christensen Surfboards, to being a damn good snowboarder. Spending winters at his cabin in the Sierras, snowboarding the famed CC gully in his backyard, and shredding the endless white waves the back country has to offer.


I've had the opportunity to snowboard and travel with Chris on many occasions. One day in particular stands out in my mind. It was one of those epic days filled with clean lines and deep blower pow conditions. We were on a trip together in Niseko, Japan testing the new Storm Chaser model for his Jones Snowboards surf series lineup. The snowboarding that day was multidimensional. I couldn't believe how the Storm Chaser rode. Experiencing the effortless glide of the board I would just apply my weight and push my front foot down and start to fly. The float of the wide nose and carving power of the swallow tail allowed me to look at the terrain as a whole, not just the next jump on the mountain. From sun up to sun down we took turns following each others lines down the mountain surfing the perfect frozen waves. What an epic day...