Zandvoort Local 2023 Sweater Grijs

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Be a Zandvoort Local met deze heerlijke en unieke Zandvoort Local 2023 sweater van Joan Bergmans.


YES, the NEW Zandvoort Local Sweater in Heather Grey and French Navy. Designed with love, made especially for YOU. This edition we wanted to go for a 2 side printed sweater AND tees. We asked some locals what they would like to see back in the new design. The outcome.....our iconic water tower and of course Max's F1 car. We've added a little surfer love and voilà. 


This fitted sweater is perfect for all seasons and made of high quality materials, just the way we like it. All Zandvoort local products are limited edition items. Every year there will be a new design making every piece a collectable. Happy shopping!

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