SHCK Rack "The Stacker" 3 boards

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As your surf progresses, it may be time to add some more boards to your collection. Boards for the smaller days, boards for the bigger swell and maybe even just a board for display. Luckily we have developed the perfect solution to store that priced quiver of yours.

This horizontal multi rack comes in both a 3-board and a 5-board version. Made from 100% bamboo, with arms that easily pop in and neoprene tape to protect your boards. A fully modular design enables you to switch the arms with hooks from our 2-in-1 surfboard storage solution, so you can give your favorite board the eyeballs it deserves! Suitable for surfboards with our without fins, but it also works great for storing skate-, kite-, or snowboards.

Dimensions 3x:

  • base plate: 70 mm x 70 mm x 10 mm
  • rack mount: 400 mm x 70 mm x 10 mm
  • arms: 375 mm x 165 mm x 10mm


This product is intended for indoor use only. Using it outside and exposing it to elements such as water harms the bamboo and can result in irreparable damage. 

Same goes for storing your equipment while it is not fully dry. Be aware that this can result in both visual and structural damage to the product.

If you do want to protect your product from the elements we recommend coating the bamboo with a varnish. Always consult an expert when working with these materials.


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