SHCK Rack The Hooks

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SHCK Rack The Hooks

Your surfboard, your partner in crime, your (second) love and your trusted companion at sea. We all share so many memories (good and bad) with our board, so why not display it like the trophy it is!

We at SHCK RACK have developed a 2-in-1 storage solution to hang your surfboard and wetsuit. The hooks are sustainably made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant on Earth!

Our hooks are designed taking everything into consideration regarding surfboard storage:

  • Holes so you can hang 2 wetsuits.
  • Your board won't touch the wall, so no unnecessary scratches.
  • Modular design where hooks are removable.

Each set comes with wall plugs and screws, plus our own SHCK RACK sticker so you can promote us anywhere!

Dimensions hooks: 375 mm x 200 mm x 10 mm.
Dimensions base plate: 70 mm x 70 mm x 10 mm.

Removable hooks

No need to have empty hooks hanging whenever your board will be more in the water than on your wall.

Wetsuit hanger

Our hooks come with a hole to hang a clothes hanger from, perfect for you wetsuit.

No scratching

Our hooks are equipped with neoprene tape to prevent the bamboo from scratching your precious board.

Our hooks are designed as one size fits all. From the longest of longboards to the shortest of shortboards. We got you covered. And all while even the widest softtop we could find will not lean against your wall.

We have also tested our hooks to withstand 25 kg of weight (per hook!)*

* Tested on hooks mounted in a brick or concrete wall.

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