SHCK Rack "The Hanger"

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SHCK Rack "The Hanger"

When the first wetsuit was invented in the mid-20th century, it opened up the opportunity for surfers around the world to challenge their local waters. From the fjords of Lofoton Norway, to the coast of Scotland. No wave was safe.

This second skin, which protects you against the gnarliest elements at sea, is a priced possession for many. Our SHCK RACK ‘The Hanger’ brings you the perfect solution for storing your wetsuit and is a great addition to our 2-in-1 surfboard storage solution! Made from 100% bamboo, this wetsuit hanger is fully biodegradable in case you ever outlive it … but you probably wont.

Dimensions: 425 mm x 150 mm x 10 mm.


Do the black edges stain?

Our products are cut out of bamboo by a laser (we know, some sci-fi sh*t) which leaves the edges burned, resulting in the black color. Since the laser literally burns through the bamboo, the surface of the edges may still contain some charcoal dust which can stain (but is often very easy to remove as well).

Be careful with white or other light surroundings when handling our products. The best way to assure they won’t stain is to wipe the edges with a damp cloth before use.


Can they be used outside or for storing wet equipment?

This product is intended for indoor use only. Using it outside and exposing it to elements such as water harms the bamboo and can result in irreparable damage. 

Same goes for storing your equipment while it is not fully dry. Be aware that this can result in both visual and structural damage to the product.

If you do want to protect your product from the elements we recommend coating the bamboo with a varnish. Always consult an expert when working with these materials.

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