Shapers Carvn Carbon Flare Small

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Shapers Carvn Carbon Flare Small


Fin Description

The Carvn features greater rake through the fins outline, purpose built for power carves and sweeping arc’s. Ideal for point breaks and open face surfing where speed and flow are desirable. The Carvn fins have a wide base for a solid feel off the bottom turn, giving drive and control, whilst the fins tips are refined to provide speed and release off the top. The Carvn fin templates are very popular with our professional surf team who demand drive and hold through sweeping turns, however need release for radical manoeuvres through and above the lip. The Carvn designs are also a good option in challenging waves, with the fins rake providing greater stability down the line and hold through full rail wraps.

Compatible with FCSII

Fin Characteristics



SMALL: 45-60kgs / 100-130lbs

Side Base: 111MM / 4.37”
Side Depth: 110MM / 4.33”
Side Sweep: 33 degrees
Side Foil: Flat

Rear Base: 111MM / 4.37”
Rear Depth: 110MM / 4.33”
Rear Sweep: 33 degrees
Rear Foil: 50/50

Fin Colour

Carbon Base, Smoke & Yellow Print


CARBON FLARE SERIES: This construction offers increased drive and hold over the Corelite series, achieved through a precision carbon fibre base. Overall, an ultra-light weight fin with a controlled flex pattern well-suited for a broad range of surfers and surf conditions. .

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