Rip Curl Search Gps Series 2 Watch Black/Blue

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Rip Curl Search Gps Series 2 Watch Black/Blue

Volg de golfslag, wind en getijden. De Search GPS 2 is niet alleen kleiner, lichter en duurzamer dan zijn voorganger, maar biedt nu ook surfomstandigheden in realtime en GPS-tracking voor al je activiteiten, van surf tot sneeuw en van hardlopen tot zwemmen.

The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch and Search App are a revolutionary way to track your surf.

You can now re-live your top speed, distance paddled, wave count and session time. Review your surfing stats live from the lineup as your watch connects to satellites orbiting the earth and calculates your speed, duration and distance.

Rip Curl Search GPS Watch

Like no other in the lineup. Track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session.

Sync your Surfs

To the Rip Curl Search App or Website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing and graphic charts which showcase your session.

Real Time Conditions

Score the best surf with Rip Curl’s iconic tide charts & real time surf conditions from our partners at SURFLINE.

Track Other Sports

From swim to snow, run to ride, view live speeds and record all of your activities.
It's easy.

Track Your Surf

View live stats and record your wave count, top speeds, distance travelled & session time.

Sync Your Sessions

Sync your session easily from your watch to your iPhone, your iPad or your desktop computer.

One Touch Auto Set

Set the time, tide and local surf conditions, with one touch Auto-set & improved location accuracy indoors or out.

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