Moped Board Carry Rack

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North Core Moped Board Carry Rack

Here's a fantastic product from Northcore - the "Lowrider" Moto Rack Motorbike and Scooter surfboard carry rack. The rack is a simple design made from lightweight alloy, with a steel mount and high-quality EVA foam to protect the board

The rack fits to any scooter, moped or motorcycle which has a rear carry rack attached. The moto rack will carry most boards right up to 8'0 mini mal. The rack takes only a few minutes to fit and is easy to disassemble when not being used.

The rack is designed for lower speed urban riding/speed limits so is perfect for a run down to your local beach or taking on holiday if you're hiring mopeds, avoiding traffic or parking fees. The Moto Rack is packaged in a bright retro-inspired heavyweight cardboard box, including fitting instructions, so is ideal for storing your rack when not in use.

  • Lightweight alloy with steel mount
  • EVA form to protect your board
  • Suitable for boards up to 8'0
  • Quick and easy attachment
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