MC Tavish 9'6" Fireball Evo 2 Longboard Surfboard

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MC Tavish Longboard


9'6" 23" x 3"


What can we say about the Fireball that hasn’t already been said?? Its quite simply the best all-round longboard available! Since its birth 25 years ago, the Fireball has made thousands of surfers stoked again. Why? The Fireball has three distinct zones blended into an attractive versatile package.

The Tail: between your feet there is a distinct engine zone built with stiff rocker and double concave to deliver speed and drive. Behind the back foot the rocker increases, de-powering the last foot of foam, allowing steep drops without nose-catch, and easy wave catching. The fins are located under the back foot for easy pivot and drive.

The Mid-zone: Two steps forward and the parallel template, flatter rocker, and rail bevels supply clean running lines and comfortable walking stability, delivering clean trimming for every level of surfing skill. Plenty of trim-speed to make fast sections with ease.

The Nose: The Fireballs wide 19" nose with a nice blended concave supplies fun nose-riding, as well as exceptional steering from the nose. Easy to perfect the two steps to the trim zone, two more to the nose, the Fireballs four-step routine has become the benchmark of longboarding technique for over two decades.

The Fireball EVO 2 is the latest modification in its design, with a touch less nose rocker and added width in the longer versions. Just simple tweaks to keep the Fireball at the front edge of design. As we always say, "borrow your mates...." It'll get you stoked!

Designer: Bob McTavish

Typical Lamination Details: 6 x 4 x 6oz silane

Fin Details: 2 + 1 set-up with 6” or 7” centre fin and FCS GX sides


No fin included!

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