Landyachtz 32" Surf Life Flippy Surfskate Complete

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Landyachtz 32" Surf Life Flippy Surfskate Complete


Landyachtz take on the surf skate genre of boards is a simple, solid design that achieves unbelievable amounts of turn through a unique RKP front truck geometry and extra tall bushings rather than by using extra parts or springs to enhance the turn. This creates a board that gives you the ability to make super tight turns and cutbacks while still inspiring confidence and allowing you to slash and explore more types of terrain.


Length: 80.3cm / 31.6"
Width: 24.3cm / 9.55"
Wheelbase:39.9cm / 15.7" - 39.9cm / 17.8"
Construction: 7-Ply Canadian Maple.


Trucks: Banger 130mm Front – Polar Bear 155 Rear
Wheels: 65mm 78a Flat banana
Bearings: Spaceballs

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