Jucker Hawaii 31 Nalu Skatesurfer

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Jucker Hawaii Nalu Skatesurfer

JUCKER HAWAII Skatesurfer ® NALU 31 Inch Surf Skateboard

The Streetsurf Revival.

The Skatesurfer ® returns with new technology, new design and a whole new surfing experience.

The Skatesurfer ® Nalu is the ideal board for all carver & street surfers who like to glide with ease. The deck has the optimal length to make every turn a pleasure. With the super manoeuvrable carving-pumping trucks RUGGED² , even the tightest turns and manoeuvres can be mastered perfectly.

In just a few moves the board can be pumped out of the stall and smoothly transition into carving. The nose lift and kicktail close the gap between surf and street skateboard, so that tricks and manuals are no longer a problem.

The 65mm 80A wheels are grippy but not too soft, so you can pick up speed quickly. The surface is already roughened and can be used for one or two slides.

Enjoy Your Ride!

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