Jucker Hawaii Carving & Pumping RUGGED² Version 2 Skatesurfer Trucks - Set Black

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Carving, pumping, streetsurfing

The Rugged Skatesurfer truck is for carvers and streetsurfers.
Turn your skateboard and longboard into a surfing machine.

Here's how it works: The front truck is extremely flexible while the rear truck remains stable.
This enables you to do quick and sharp turns in surf-alike moves. The setup lets you pump your board easily from a standing position so you can speed up just by carving.

Without a doubt the Rugged Skatesurfers are built fairly solid and withstand your everyday trickery as well as they won't lose too much stability at higher speeds.
Long distance pump lovers may consider switching to a slightly harder front bushing to get the best performance.

Enjoy your Ride!


Mounting instructions:

You will recognize the front truck for its wider bushing seat. It will be mounted RKP (reverse kingpin).
The rear truck is mounted with the kingpin showing inwards, just like a usual skateboard truck.

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