Jucker Hawaii Balance Cushion

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The perfect introduction for training with the Balance Board

The Homerider Balance Cushion is the ideal training tool to get used to Balanceboard training.


The air-filled cushion has a diameter of approx. 33 cm and lifts the Balance Board about 8-10 cm from the ground. This prevents any danger of falling and even the youngest can train from the very beginning.


Thanks to the multi-axial freedom of movement on the pillow, you immediately notice how the entire leg musculature is equally strained.

The balance cushion offers countless exercise and training possibilities, whether solo or with the homerider. It is also a constant companion outside balance training for a better sitting posture - whether at home or in the office.

Find your Balance!

* Note on using the Homerider: Please do not use the Balance Board on a smooth surface. Place a mat or carpet underneath to ensure a safe stand.

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