Jucker Hawaii Balance Board Roller Homerider Tube

Artikelnummer: MJ-808-002
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JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider Tube

DIY: Balance Board

The Homerider Tube is a high quality roller for almost every balance board and everyone who wants to build one on his own.

Building a good balance board often fails to the suitable material for the tube, not to the deck. From sewer pipes up to PET bottles, there are many creative variants. More often without the desired success.

That’s why we offer the Homerider Tube seperated. Its 8mm wallthickness makes it extremly strong. The three grip stripes provide optimum grip, both on the floor and for the deck.

No matter which deck you put on the Homerider Tube, you will have very much fun for a long time.

* Advise: Use a carpet or a mat under the tube, a slippery floor can cause injuries.

More Information about the homerider, beginner tips and complete homerider sets you will find here.

Find your Balance (Board)!



  • Lengte: 470 mm
  • Diameter: 165 mm
  • Dikte: 8 mm
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