Jucker Hawaii Balance Board Homerider Kapua

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Ka Pua - Blossom.

The JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Ka Pua is a real gem. The artwork is exclusively designed by Sonni Hönscheid; Artist and multiple-time Paddleboard Champion at the legendary Molokai2Oahu SUP Race. This is our 3rd Project with Sonni and we are proud to present her artwork on our Homerider.

The board itself is manufactured from birchwood, the 10 layers of wood and the width of the board provide plenty stability for beginners and advanced riders alike. We coated the top of the board with sugar grip for maximum grip. The underside of the board is equipped with 2 stoppers so the board will not slip off the barrel below. Two extra stripes of sugar grip will give the board an extra grip on the barrel as well.

The JUCKER HAWAII Homerider is an effective training tool for any kind of athletes. Most board sport athletes use Homeriders for their cross-training, strengthening the core and thigh muscles, while increasing their sense of balance at the same time.

You will love the Homerider Ka Pua for your indoor board ridding experience and piece of art in your living or office space.

Find your Balance!

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