Hamboards Pescadito Surfskate 43" HST200

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Hamboards Pescadito Surfskate 43" HST200


Aggressive Carve and Slash in a "Little Fish"  

This is NOT just a rad-looking skateboard; it's a high performance rail-to-rail surfskate.  With nearly 30 deg of board lean in both directions, you'll feel the carve stoke the first time you get on rail.  Warning: This may ruin traditional skateboarding for some of you.  

HST Truck on HHOP

Designed for pure surf-skate performance. The Pescadito is fitted with Hamboards very own HST carving trucks and some buttery cast polyurethane wheels.  This is the go to board for all experience riders looking to learn how to slash and shred insane carves. There's power in this compact board. 

Why it Matters

Built for all experience levels, this board is a friendlier version of the Hamboards Fish Surfskate. If you're an advanced rider, you'll love how responsive the board is for deep carves and quick cuts. For our beginners, this board has a lot less width than the Fish, so it's easier to find your sweet spot.

Best Used to GET YOU ON RAIL

Charge into insane frontside and backside carves with full commit.  All four wheels will stay on the pave and when you're balanced right, you'll pop-out with flow.  Mastering this board will make you a better surfer.  

Frontside Pro Tip:  Get some speed up.  Your eyes should be looking where you're going, not where you are... look up.  When you turn your head, your shoulders follow... then your hips... Bend your knees and hips then lean into the turn.  SHIFT YOUR WEIGHT HARD TOWARD YOUR BACK FOOT and you'll feel a deep carve with insane grip.  To come out of this turn, STAND UP HARD ON YOUR BACK FOOT then shift to a BALANCED STANCE.  As shown in the photo above, your core center of gravity needs to be perpendicular to the deck, just like in surfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding... That's how you get onto the rail.  You'll know it when you feel it.  

Backside Turn PRO Tip:  Start with some speed.  Bend WAY down and then turn your head over your shoulder and look where you're going, not down at the ground or board.  Your shoulders will follow and then the hips...  Just before you enter the turn, SHIFT YOUR WEIGHT HARD TOWARD YOUR FRONT FOOT and you'll slice a groove straight into the pavement like you're on ice skates.  The trick for coming out of a deep backside carve is to shift your weight so that you can STAND FULL UP WITH BOTH FEET and throw your hands up over your head.  You'll feel yourself pop-right-up and keep your flow.  You'll know it when you feel it.    

We don't always wear shoes, but we prefer those "barefoot" kind of sneakers or super thin soul skateboard shoes.  

Quality and Style

This board will last a lifetime. The decks are made with either premium 8 ply maple-birch or natural 3 ply bamboo and can take a beating time and time again. The Durable UV resistant grip coating enables heavy slides while barefooted to emulate the surfing experience.  

Turning and Performance

Aggressive carving and wide, flowing turns this board will complement any riding style. The HST trucks eliminate wheel lift and the extra block risers lift the deck just high enough to avoid wheel bite and rail drag.

Smooth Ride

Superb flow through most terrain obstacles with the buttery cast polyurethane wheels combined with HST Carving trucks and a flexible deck give you advanced performance with a smooth flow.  These trucks and wheels can handle city storm drains, gravel and curbs.  WE DON'T ADVISE hitting things on purpose, but when you do, it's good to have the superb handling of these HST Carving trucks.  

Dimensions and Shape

Its lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry design makes it easy to bring along. At 36 x 14, the Pescadito has a reputation for turning any paved surface into a surfers playground.


Old school feel, futuristic pumpability


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Technical Details



Length: 3.6ft | Width: 14in | Height: 5.875in | Weight: 13 lbs.


High-Quality 8 ply Maple/Birch/Maple plywood OR natural 3 ply Bamboo plywood.  UV resistant painted decorations or heat transfers are covered with a "clear" grit on top.  Clear varnish protects the bottom side.  There's wheel wells and grab rails on the bottom side.  PRO TIP: If you're grabbing rail on a backside turn, you've definitely figured it out and you're well on your way to mastering this b-you-tee.  


Patented Hamboards HST Carving Trucks w/ Silver (20lbf max) Springs and Black Kingpins, 25mm Birch (or Bamboo) Plywood riser blocks keep you up to avoid rail drag and the extra sized M6 50mm Hardware holds the trucks securely. 

Note: Gold (25lbf max) springs available as accessories and can be swapped out for the stock silver springs.  We think golds are a bit too snappy on this board but they cab be helpful for beginners and/or heavier riders.  To maximize "pumpability" swap the rear Silver Spring to a Gold Spring and you'll feel a difference that makes a difference for pump.  

Wheels & Bearings:

Custom Hamboards Milk Chocolate Cast PU 66mm 78/80A (46mm wide, 35mm contact).  It's not about the shape of the wheels, it's about the trucks, so we give you max contact area.  Hamboards SAN-O Turning Bearings are Chrome plated, greased and sealed.  The bearing experts tell us that grease is better for hard carves and heavy loads at low speeds.  

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