Aquapack Infinity Waterproof Case

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Aquapack Infinity Waterproof Case


Waterproof case for your phone, keys, documents or other valuables.

Aqua pack by Infinity is a case with one of the best fasteners available on the market. This type of clasp has been used for many years and it gives a great sense of security.

Main features of the aqua pack:

  • Universal size to fit most phones on the market.
  • Internal size 10cm x 16cm
  • External size (including buckle) 11,3cm x 19,5cm
  • Silicone construction
  • Solid clasp
  • Fully functioning phone touch
  • Allows sounds to pass through
  • Allows you to talk freely
  • Adjustable neck cord included

Nowadays, when a phone can often cost as much as a computer or a used car a waterproof case is one of the indispensable accessories while being on the water or in other difficult weather conditions. It is worth having such a case, which will prove itself during the most severe conditions. If you like your phone, we do not recommend buying cases for a few, a dozen or so euro, bet on proven solutions. Infinity brand is on the market since 2005, is appreciated by many users, especially those from the surfing environment.

Waterproof cases have many uses and can be used in many places, here are a few:

  • On the beach
  • At the swimming pool - aqua park
  • On a boat
  • When canoeing
  • When practising water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, etc.
  • On a trip to the mountains
  • On trips abroad (can be used as a compartment under a T-shirt for valuables)
  • On off road expeditions
  • Scout camps
  • Anywhere where there is a risk of flooding or intense dirt on the phone.

To ensure safe use of your aqua pack, please follow the instructions below:

  • Check the product carefully for any damage or abrasions.
  • When closing the buckle, check carefully that there are no foreign objects between the plastic parts, such as sand, etc. and the cord from the neck suspension.
  • When closing the buckle it should be done without using much force, if you feel any resistance when closing it, check that there is nothing between the buckles.
  • A sudden change in temperature can cause moisture to form inside the case. Open and dry completely. Remember that moisture can be hazardous to electronic devices.
  • Remember that you use the case at your own risk!
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