GA G5 PRO Waist Harness blue

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GA G5 PRO Waist Harness blue


The G5 PRO is designed for those of you who need the ultimate in back support and comfort.
With the most back support in our range, the G5 PRO will cushion and support your back from top to bottom. G5 ergonomics have improved even further, a carefully designed high support 3D moulded design ensures support for your back.
A refined kidney belt locks the harness in place and our Dual Strap adjustment system provides a final layer of support you can´t beat. The perfect choice for anyone looking for no compromise comfort in a waist harness.


Size: S

Waist size
72 cm


Size: M

Waist size
77 cm


Size: L

Waist size
82 cm


Size: XL

Waist size
87 cm

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