Firewire Twice Baked 5'5"

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Firewire 5'5" Twice Baked FCSII

5'5" 21 3/4" 2 1/2" 35.2L


The Twice Baked is very obviously a squash-tailed little brother to the Baked Potato.

As far as dimensions go, if you ride a Baked Potato you’re likely to ride the same size Twice Baked. There are rather significant changes to the design overall; most obvious being the tail outline, and then the bottom contour. Like the BP, the TB has a double-barrel concave set within a single concave under the front foot, but it is slightly less aggressive and this time I split a concave into V just ahead of the center fin, or about 6-7” up from the tail. I also smoothed out the deck contours to add to an overall cleaner look.

This board is going to want to be surfed with performance in mind- with your foot all the way back, a low center of gravity, and to be pushed hard through turns, as well as when you are generating speed down the line and through soft sections.



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