Firewire 5'10" Machado Cado

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Firewire 5'10" Machado Cado

5'10" 21 5/8 x 2 11/16" 37.6 liter

Machado Cado Description

Experience the joy of catching waves you might have previously overlooked with the Rob Machado Cado. Whether you’re a seasoned surf junky or just starting your surfing journey, this board will become your trusty companion for those smaller wave days.

Crafted by Rob Machado, this board embodies Rob’s extensive experience and passion for small wave California surfing. The “Chado Cado” is slightly wider than your standard shortboard, providing excellent stability and groveler performance. The wider squash tail enhances your ability to generate speed and maintain control even in mushy, weak waves. The tri-fin configuration on this board offers versatility and superior performance. Whether you prefer a classic thruster setup or want to experience the speed and flow of a twin-fin. One of the features of this board is its adaptability. You can ride it as a traditional thruster with three fins for stability and control, or switch to a twin-fin setup for a more playful and lively ride.

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