Feather Fins Futures Single Tab JMC Blue Large

Artikelnummer: 002SIGJMB0L
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New design by Jose Maria Cabrera.
We have built with a hexagonal Core interior, which gives it an optimal flex pattern and provides lightness and stability.
Designed for surfers who like to surf in the pocket and perform aerial maneuvers.
A versatile fin to surf in different conditions with all kinds of boards.
SIDE: BASE:4.​​​61" / 11​7MM DEPTH: 4.​​70" / 11​​​9MM AREA: 1​5.63"² / ​​10083MM² SWEEP: 36.3º FOIL: FLAT CENTRE:BASE: 4.​​47" / 11​​​4MM DEPTH: 4.​45" / 11​​3MM AREA: 1​​4.68"² / ​9469MM² SWEEP: 3​8.6º FOIL: FLAT
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