F-One Phantom 1480 Plane

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The F-one Phantom 1480 Plane includes:

- F-one Phantom 1480 Carbon frontwing

- F-one Carbon Fuselage Short

- F-one Carbon C275 Stabilizer


F-One Phantom Plane hydrofoil wings zijn ontworpen om snel en wendbaar door de golven te gaan. Carving & pumping zitten in het DNA van de Phantom gebakken.

Deze Phantom Plane hydrofoil set wordt geleverd met:

  • Full carbon frontwing
  • Full carbon fuselage
  • Full carbon stabilizer

F-One Phantom hydrofoil line is designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and then prove very agile and precise when surfing.

Using a refined design to achieve higher finesse, the Phantom foils glide faster and for longer. Connecting waves whether during surfing or downwinding thereby becomes much easier and more fun. Yet, connecting waves isn’t much fun if you can’t turn and this is why carving is also part of the DNA of the Phantom foils. By working on the lift distribution, arch shape and other details we achieved a high-aspect, performance foil that can carve smooth curves on the waves and swells.

Built using the Monobloc construction with pre-preg carbon, the foils are both very light and really strong. This set-up offers better load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The Titan connection allows to plug both an aluminium or carbon mast and the fuselage is split in two parts to facilitate transportation.

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