Elemnt 7'10" Midlenght Army Futures

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Elemnt 7'10" Midlenght Army Futures

7’10 x 22 x 3 – 56.5L

An easy to ride mid sized all rounder, classic concept with a moderniseddesign. low rocker and a combination of single & double concave plus vee,medium rails with forward volume. Paddles extremely, goes fast and has lotsof drive, comes witha 1 + 2 fin set up, single fin box plus sides.

Boards are constructed using a 36 gram EPS core with a woodstringer, each board is hand laminated using high grade epoxy resin withoptical brightener, or resin tint colour, 6 + 4oz fibreglass deck, 6oz bottomplus 4oz fin patch providing a lighter, stronger board.

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