Deflow TWIN + 1 Futures

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Deflow TWIN + 1 Futures


Say hi to your new favourite twin fin design, this time + a little rear fin to surf it with any kind of shape. Many surfers coming from thruster fin set ups asked us if it was possible to use Twin fin templates on their conventional performance board. This is how we started re-defining our twin fin templates and adding a little fin at the back. This fins will complete your actual twin fins (the design is a bit bigger than our classic Duette template) adding a bit more of drive and speed, and will also work on most of your wide tail thruster boards adding manoeuvrability and pop (skateboard term referred to a more electric feeling under your feet).

Front fin / Rear fin

Base: 134mm / 89,63mm

Height: 143,19mm / 81,55mm

Foil: Flat / 50-50

Rake: 29,5

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