Deflow Traction Front Pad

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You asked for it. We made it for you. The new Deflow Traction Front Pad offers you the best grip feeling under your front foot. Focusing on comfort, support, and increased grip. Soft and safe, the use of a thinner 3mm lightweight EVA, and the incorporation of extra perforations and defined channels through the arch. The smooth surface traction has been designed to adapt to any type of board, and to any type of surfer. This article is part of our best accessories within the surfboard traction pad family.


Size: 12,8” x 15” / 32m6cm x 38cm

4 piece traction front pad

3mm thick lightweight EVA

3M Adhesive

The new Deflow Front Foot Traction Pad is one of the best selling products, holds your foot firmly to the board so you can push hard against your fins for maximum speed and control. It is soft and safe, designed to fit any type of surfboard, and any type of surfer.




Surfboards Traction Pad Dimensions

  • 12,8” x 15” / 32m6cm x 38cm
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