Deflow Driver Quad Evo Futures

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Deflow Driver Quad Evo Futures


The design of driver quad is based on the forward two big fins that perform as a twin fin and adding two smaller fins as stabilizers. The performance is similar to a twin-fin but with more drive and control. These fins will hold better where your twin fins are not enough. We wanted to find a similar feeling as in our Duette twin model, but suitable for surfing bigger lines and powerful waves. Based on this, we designed a less inclined front fin, providing fast turns and reactive surfing. Then, we added smaller fins behind with an 80/20 foil for more drive and control.

Front Fin / Rear Fin

Base: 125,5mm / 90,5mm

Height: 139,9mm / 85,1mm

Foil: Flat / 80-20

Rake: 28 / 30

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