Deflow Adrien Toyon FCSII

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Deflow Adrien Toyon FCSII

Adrien Toyon’s surfing is wild and powerful. He likes airs and strong carves on open faces. While designing and testing his signature model fins, Adrien went through different shapes and materials, and we ended up keeping the classic honeycomb composition. Stiff in the base, with a bit of flex in the tip, Adrien’s fin works in both pointbreaks and beachbreaks.

Designed to perform in variety of condition, this fin has being designed in a unique size, Large.



Adrien is not only an amazing surfer, but a free soul, humble and charismatic. He comes from Reunion Island, although currently he resides in Biarritz, where you can see him flying over the high tide wedges.

Always positive, always kind, Adrien kept our attention since our beginnings, with ability to understand the rhythm of the different shapes in surfing, and adapt his speed and approach in the wave.

His curiosity about surfing different shapes and fins made this collaboration more than natural.

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