Dakine Solo Wing Harness

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Dakine Solo Wing Harness

The Solo Harness is the ultimate stealth wing harness. It is minimal and will extend your sessions and help you point further upwind. Features a soft Neoprene construction, lightweight and packable design, integrated leash attachment points, and comes with our Hanger Hook system. 

Marine Grade Vinyl

  • XS= 28-30" 
  • S= 30-32" 
  • M= 32-34" 
  • L= 34-36" 
  • XL= 36-38"
  •  Hanger Wing Sliding Hook
  •  Posi-Lock Buckle
  •  Soft neoprene construction
  •  Lightweight and packable
  •  Low profile fit
  •  Integrated leash attachment point


Key Features

  1.  Hanger Wing Sliding Hook
  2.  Posi-Lock Buckle
  3.  Soft neoprene construction
  4.  Lightweight and packable
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