Dakine JJF Traction Pro Surf Pad Port

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Dakine JJF Traction Pro Surf Pad Port


Dakine developed the John John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad in collaboration with John John Florence. He is one of the best surfers in the world and is known for his aggressive driving style. Accordingly, the triple-cut Posi-Traction is adapted to the surf style and dimension of John John. The five-part traction design allows individual adaptation to the board and riding style.

The 25 mm thickvertical tail kick was hand-molded by John John himself, so the shape of this Dakine Traction Pad is perfect. For the best water flow, holes are drilled through the tailkick to keep the resistance as low as possible.

By the way: all John John Florence products are packed in sustainably recycled cardboard packagings without plastic. In this way, Dakine makes a contribution to clean oceans! The Gripd Pad is also made from Dakine Eco Foam, which is 100% biodegradable.


More information

How do I glue the Surf Traction Pad on my board? Before you put your brand-new Dakine Surf Pad on your surfboard, you need to carefully remove dirt (etc. sand, wax) from the surface. Next, you need to make sure where your feet are on the board, so that the Surf Traction Pad is matched exactly your surfing style. Now you put the Dakine Surf Pad without the film removed, on the board and draw with a pencil exactly the outline. Now you can pull off and safely stick the pad on the board. Wait 24 hours, and off you go!

Product details

  • Dimensions (in cm): 33 x 31.75

Product Features

  • Friendly Foam (biodegradable foam)
  • Dakine Positraction Triple Cut
  • 5-piece pad
  • 7mm central arc
  • 25mm tail kick with beveled edges
  • Special holes water drain
  • Cut outs for a better position on the board
  • Special 3M ® adhesive for maximum durability
  • Plastic-Free Packaging
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